Delivery Reports Issue Restored for Good Reasons

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Finally I am proud to let all my faithful users out there know that the Delivery Report issue has been fixed finally.

I know it can be annoying to send an SMS to 100 people and have only 78 people get the message and there is no report of who among them really got it.

Well, we have fixed that in the early hours of the morning and now if you login and View Transactions, you would see a list of transactions from the SMS you sent today with delivery reports in this manner:

Web SMS [78/100] (123456789) where Web SMS is the type of SMS sent, 78/100 is the number of SMS delivered out of the 100 sent. while 123456789 is the ID of the message in question. If the message is deleted, it would no longer be a link and won’t be underlined. You would rather see 123456789.

Deleting an SMS does not remove the message but rather creates a copy of the text for the next 90 days. The SMS won’t be accessible by you any longer but as your providers, under legal terms, we would still be able to provide it as an evidence trigged by a court order.

Note that even after 90 days, your message is still archived and kept in our backup sources for a much longer time and scrutinized. If any issues are found with it, there could still be legal implications.

Please be mindful of the SMS you send out and ensure they are not abuse.

Thank you!



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