Good News for all our Sales Managers

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The Mobi2SMS Team made a few changes to Sales Manager features on the website at Now you can view more information about your users to help you drive sales this season.

1. When you search for users using Profile Information (excluding passwords), you can view a list of all the matching users and the various entries they made. For instance, you might search for “Port” using the City/County field and be sure to get the list of all your users in Port Harcourt.

2. It’s now easy to find out those users who patronize you. When you search for users who have more or less of an amount of units, you see clearly how much more or less credits balance of each user listed in your search and navigate through. This can be useful if you want to offer live compensations.

3. Would you like to know the users that active/inactive or disabled. Probably, they encountered difficulties? Now you can even see how long they’ve been out of order in days, months or even years.

4. Now you can find out the number of Pending SMS for each user in your search results displayed ordered by the user with the most recent SMS still not completely processed. Did you find a user with SMS waiting for too long by your user? Find out why using this update by contacting the user.

5. Now you can find out the last time an SMS was sent by your users. This would help you know how patronizing or unattended your users are. Find out now, if you are selling SMS units to those using it.

We care about our Sales Managers, those who resell our services and provide support to our Users and our Users too. Every user can be a Sales Manager though Terms and conditions apply. Please review “Business Agreement” section at

We want to thank all our Super Sales Managers, Sales Managers and Users for patronizing us for 4 years now and counting.

Happy New Year in advance!


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