What have we been up to lately? Important Updates YOU SHOULD KNOW!

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One of our customers asked this question while talking to a member of our Team. So, we decided to blog about it; after a long while of silence.

First, we have been tweaking the web site and services to meet certain standards and our efforts were aimed at ensuring full accountability for the content we make available to our customers and services we render to them.

Here are a few major activities we have been carrying on lately – including a Price Increase for using our services detailed below.

Smarter Message Processing

We found that sometimes messages get stuck in processing, either for a long time or too long to be considered. This happens because there was an amount of time for which a message on the queue could be considered as relevant. A measure to help prevent compromise, which later became a disadvantage.

So, we changed the terms to allow every message in the queue to be processed but this time, despite the fact that customers can still send as many messages as possible to the queue. Preparation and Processing is now ordered to:

  1. Prepare messages, one per user account, regarding processing batch.
  2. Process messages, one per user account, regarding processing batch.

In this way, processing is now smarter as other customers don’t have to wait entirely for someone sending a large chunk of messages. Every message is processed on a first come, first serve basis; in regards to batch per processing time.

In a nutshell, this means that 50 messages are processed per user account, per processing time. Yes, it might take longer for one large chunk to be cleared in the midst of many small bits but everyone would be equally served – so why not save the large chunk for later times; bit by bit?

Daily Report is now Weekly

We have seriously been thinking about this and eventually came up with a better idea after asking a few of our customers for their preferences.

User accounts with email alerts activated usually get email alerts daily on their account statistics (reports in numbers) in an overview. This can be very disturbing to customers who don’t send SMS everyday.

We thought about sending alerts only to customers who sent SMS in the previous day but that implies that some administrators (Sales Managers/Super Sales Managers) including us won’t get any alerts – so that was definitely a bad idea.

So, we considered that the alerts be sent on the 1st day of every month and every week after that until the first of the next month. We are still experimenting this process so we would need some customer feedback per time as we try to make things work best.

We are guessing it’s not a bad idea to receive a maximum of 4/5 emails from Mobi2SMS in a month – as we would give your SPAM filters a breather sorting our mails.

Weekly Reports tailored to Users/Admins

Some of our customers have multiple accounts, which of course implies that they have different email accounts. Most of them might be using the same Mail Client to download their emails so we made an observation.

If a customer has a Sales Manager account for his business and a User account for his personal use, it would be best to set the subjects to “Admin Account Update (abc)” and “User Account Update (xyz)”; where “abc” represents the Sales Manager account and “xyz” represents the User Account.

Therefore, from the email subject, the customer can easily identify the account types being referred to without having to open both email messages.

Now, just in case you’re wandering what the big deal is; we know that some customers might be managing their data bandwidth and have only headers downloaded to their email accounts. To be more conservative, we would like to give them a chance to know from the email subject, the message they intend to open for full preview/download.

Increase in the Prices of SMS Credits

As it concerns Mobi2SMS, our business is run primarily in Nigerian Naira but however, our vendors bill in USD and EUR.

In recent times, the rates of Nigerian Naira against the United States Dollar rose to nearly NGN240 per dollar. As a result, we had sacrificially run at a loss for sometime bearing to the time we were left with no other option than to increase our prices to remain in business.

To this end, we have increased our prices as follows:

  • Purchase of less than 1,000 SMS Credits now cost NGN2.10 per unit.
  • Purchases from 1,000 SMS Credits to 9,999 SMS Credits now cost N1.75 per unit.
  • Purchases from 1,000 SMS Credits and above, for Super Sales Managers now cost N1.60 per unit.
  • Purchases from 10,000 SMS Credits and above now cost N1.60 per unit.

We really regret having to go this high in pricing but we have to remain in business to keep serving you better.

Remember that Mobi2SMS was developed with industrial advantages – most of which major on aiding Single/Bulk but targeted SMS messaging. We depend on plenty of savings to provide value added services.

We hope we have met at the most, your major concerns.

Thank you for choosing us.



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