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Bank Account Information Available (for Offline Payments)

In a structured manner, we decided to make available, our business bank account information. This is news for all members of Mobi2SMS, even site license owners.

This implies that as a user, if you are not good with making online payments or not comfortable with it, the time has come for you to be able to make bank deposit/transfers to the bank account of the Bosa Technologies Company.

To view this information, please login to your account. Please, we strongly advise that you purchase SMS Credits from your existing Sales Manager if you have one.

We have not made our bank details public to users who are being managed by our Sales Managers. However, if we get bank deposits for up to 3 consecutive times from such users, we would disengage the relationship connection with the Sales Manager thereafter. At that point, it would appear that such user is not comfortable receiving services from the Sales Manager.

Updates to our Terms and Conditions of Service

Apart from this, we made a small change but necessary to our Terms and Conditions at In No. 5 of our Usage Policy we added that our users should also protect their contact information.

Since we added the Social Network login, we want to make it clear that those using the tool should be careful with that information as it relates to the social media account. Access to your email can actually change everything in your Mobi2SMS account and most social media websites – so please be careful with how you share it.

We hope the above updates addressed a good number of your concerns

Thank you for choosing us.



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