Don’t sell anything on Monday

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It’s a Monday morning and in fact a new month. At this time, everyone is getting ready to sell something to a prospective customer, and take a new course in sales.

However, Monday is not the right day to sell neither is the first day of the month.

You can however start reaching out to your customers on your offers coming this week and in this month of August.

The Week Start

At the beginning of the week, every good company looks at their performance last week and works out ways they can be better. In today’s case, they are preparing for the new month.

Monday mornings are busy for everyone willing to close out old deals or plan better for new ones.

This is a Monday morning and in it, “Don’t sell anything!”. Here is why:

  • Everyone tries to be conservative in making decisions on Monday. As a result, you might not get the best bargain.
  • Everyone wishes to sell so they might not be ready to pay you until Tuesday. That’s some spilled selling cost.
  • Research shows that sales presentations that take place on Mondays often have lesser chances to compete with those on Wednesdays which receive more attention.

The Mid Week

Monday is not a good day to sell. It’s possible but it’s never better than Wednesday, the day you’re sure of a deal.

The Week End

I won’t advice you to open a new stock list on weekends. I would say, that’s when to sell with discounts and you’ll get sure deals.

If you’re considering sending marketing campaigns to new customers, Mondays and Fridays are best days that would give you the best chance.

Have a great week and month ahead!


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