Don’t stop at fulfilling orders, satisfy customers

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Through the years, many sales representatives get excited over their achievements when they are able to fulfill many orders in a short time.

This has become a norm for sales teams that they compete to win the highest number of great bargains and not just settle for getting the best of a few orders a day.

However, today’s winning sales teams don’t stop at fulfilling orders, great or small but they extend their performance grid to increasing customer satisfaction.

Here’s what they do:

They start with the Customer

Guided sign-ups are the most proven ways to win a customer’s heart.

If only you could stand side by side with the customer and follow through your signup and setup processes, you’ll win a better bid, satisfaction!

They take the same chances with the customer

In as much as your product might have a Wiki or knowledgebase that is rich enough to guide the customer, you might just not have enough.

Why not take a chance? You could get a better view of the glitch if you wore the same shoes with the customer. So go ahead and try it on, sign up like the end user.

Customers feel safer when you can show them the glitch from your own experience. That way, they know you’re in this together and that’s trust!

They take it personal

I remember a client I served 2 years ago while working for a payment company.

To my colleagues, she was difficult but I took the ultimate risk, I gave her a private number to reach me!

As informal as this might seem, that bold step saved the day. When she called me, repeatedly and angrily as usual, I often told her:

Don’t worry Madam, I would take it upon myself to solve the problem and give you feedback. You won’t have to call.

In a very short time, her storm was calmed and we figured out that all she needed was a chill from the wind, someone to share in her trust!

Are you meeting your sales targets? Don’t stop at fulfilling orders, satisfy customers; and do that much more.

We are wishing you’ll win more satisfied customers in this week and beyond.

Have a great day ahead.


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