Write a Personal Note to a Customer

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The major reason why we send messages is to put the word in the hand. Further to this, we send personal notes to express better meaning.

This week, we believe that you’ve at least had a great customer. It’s time to say, Thank you in a direct voice.

In business today, communication is key to success. However not every message should be a broadcast or announcement.

Direct messages are the best selling ways to appeal to the heart of a customer. If you have a technical staff or programmer who can setup direct SMS messaging on your Customer Relationship Management software, that would help. That way, you can automate private messaging.

Customers feel more up close and personal when you address them directly by their First Name, Title and/or chosen Nick name. You stand a chance to hear each other better. They don’t know if you care until you take that step.

It’s almost weekend and about time to give it a shot. Send an SMS to at least one of your most deserving customers. We would do this as well and offer something free to a loyal Mobi2SMS customer.

We would make use of the Mobi2SMS website at www.mobi2sms.com simply because we can choose our preferred Sender Name and schedule when we want the SMS to be delivered.

Would you send a private message to your customer? If yes, then don’t forget to offer something nice.

We are trusting you would do better.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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