Develop an Effective Church Membership Engagement System

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‚ÄčI’ve often received text messages from churches I visited. They sent me welcome notes. However, they are still sending me text messages yet I have not attended for a long while. Here’s why:

These days, many organizations waste a lot of money in sending SMS because they don’t have a CRM system to manage their contacts and keep an updated status.

For instance, there should be an online form that collects or updates member registration data to a CRM system, even without getting a sophisticated church management software.

Here is how to develop an effective church membership engagement system:

1. New membership data is entered into the system and saved to a list. Prior to sending welcome notes, a new SMS campaign is created and assigned to all members with “New” status.

    2. Upon sending an SMS campaign to the members with “New” status, their status can be changed to “Received” automatically.

    3. When the members with “Received” status don’t show up in church for a long time, their status can be changed to “Visitor” and a special type of campaign called “Update Often” can be assigned to them. 

    So they are being invited to church often.

    4. On the other hand, when members come to church a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time, their status can be changed to “Integrated”. 

    Otherwise, the status of members who don’t show up for a fourth time can be changed to “Follow Up”. 

    However, if such members don’t show up in 8 weeks or more, their status can thereafter be changed to “Visitor”.

    At this point, a special type of campaign called “Update Often” can be assigned to them.

    5. A member with status, “Integrated” can receive regular updates, however when absent for 4 weeks or more, their status can be changed to “Absent”. 

    At that point, you can stop sending them frequent updates.

    How then do you reach them? House Fellowship!

    If you have a House Fellowship system, when new members show up, have them join a House Fellowship Center.

    That way, you’ll never lose track of them.

    “Absent” members can be contacted through their House Fellowship Centers because after being “Integrated”, there must be a reason why they left.

    From the House Fellowship reports, the church must be aware of why exactly the member is “Absent”.

    They can record things like Travelled – On Official Assignment, Travelled – On Health Grounds, Hospitalised, Financially Challenged, etc.

    That way, even though the House Fellowship can help, special cases can receive attention from Ministries of the Church via an unsolicited approach.

    Remember, when good people come to your church to support ministries, you need an authentic list of people with updated needs assessment.

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    We’ve got other ideas and we would like to be a part of implementing yours, not just to send SMS, but also send emails, file records and do more.

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    Have a great weekend! 


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