Business with Pleasure, ‘Confused?’

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It’s not a good place to be. Sometimes, we see business success as the passion that fuels the pleasure. It somewhat appears to us that we are doing well when we are supposedly, enjoying!

This is the point where we start trying to figure out the meaning of business and we look for reasons to say, pleasure is a great part of it.

Meanwhile, just in case you’re aligning to the topic of this post, we decided to go a little off-course today in a bid to take a deep breath from the lots of work we have gotten involved in lately. It’s been a while since we dropped a post so we decided to speak out a bit – we’re not confused (i.e. thinking about what next to say).

However, we would also not want to be confused saying what we’re not ready to start talking about. Let’s save the best topic for what’s coming soon. In a nutshell, we’re working to launch something great. In the meantime, let’s do our bidding to explain this strange topic.

We would first of all remind ourselves that we’re talking to those who want to hear from Mobi2SMS Team often and you’ve been hearing from just me. Well, I’m not the best writer in the team but let’s say I would never want to keep you in the dark. I would tell you what’s going on. That’s my drill.

Have you been reading my posts? I know you’ve been following – through the statistics. Well, this is a place to make a direct comment to us. In a bid to prove that we are not confused, we would like to respond to those who might be confused about what we’re up to.

Any questions? Feel free to talk to us in a comment to this post or via live chat. We would be glad to hear from you speak to us publicly. Let us know what you think about Business with Pleasure. Should there be work and no play?

Remember to read between the lines to know when we’re giving!

Have a good night rest!


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I am an Enterprise Solutions Architect. Having developed portfolio by helping a few startups grow, if I am not developing a website or software project, I am busy carrying on active research and discussing tech facts on social media by blogging.

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