Worried about SMS Delivery? New DND Measures you should know about

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In July 2016 (just last month), the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) mandated all Nigerian Mobile Network Service Providers to launch a Do-Not-Disturb (DND) service.

Following this, SMS from Value Added Service Providers/Aggregators like Mobi2SMS were hindered from most of their subscribers and our customers still got charged. 

We had to do something about this, so…

We introduced something called DND Cleanup Service

With this, we were able to develop a filter for our end users and after a first attempt to identify a DND number, our service automatically excludes the number from being treated subsequently until the recipient opts out of DND. 

At that point, our customers have to do some white-listing to successfully send SMS to such recipients afterwards.

But, we believe this was just not enough, so…

We decided to enroll for a DND Scrub

What does this mean? A list of DND active numbers, frequently updated, would soon be available in a filter developed by regularly scrubbing them from Nigerian Mobile Network Service Providers. 

With the help of our partners in business for the past few years, we are almost done integrating with third party filters sourced from Nigerian Mobile Network Service Providers for detecting DND numbers.

How would this help?

Currently, first attempt to send SMS to a DND active number attracts a charge to get the message to the Mobile Network Service Provider of the recipient.

However, in a matter of weeks, we would stop treating SMS to numbers found in the list of scrub sourced DND numbers.

That means you would no longer lose money! Ain’t that good news? 

That’s not all the good news…there’s more!

If recipient numbers were detected in the scrub sourced DND list, no need to worry.

When the recipient unsubscribes from the DND service, your SMS to such recipients would start being treated automatically.

NOTE: The DND Cleanup service is still available to take care of exceptional cases.

We hope this makes your day. Be rest assured that we are always steps ahead in the business of Industrial SMS Messaging.

Thank you for choosing Mobi2SMS. Have a great weekend!


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