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It has been a while since we shared a post with you. We have been integrating into Cronalia systems and practices. However, here are a few self-services that have been helping us to serve you.

Instant registration using the form or signup/login from Facebook/Google

While we are still considering making this better, we had quite a number of people sign up for Mobi2SMS either by using the Registration form or clicking the respective Facebook/Google buttons on the page at

Google has however been more popular.

Automatic reminders to buy credits and use your account

After signing up with Mobi2SMS, the legacy tasks of checking up on you had long been taken care of. When put to the test, the site automatically takes responsibility for engaging new users with notifications about their account. Engagement notifications include the need to login, buy credits and how to get started using the account, delivered without human intervention.

Instant purchase of SMS Credits online

This is one much needed self-service that would not fail you. As long as you have a Credit/Debit Card with access to enough funds, or you have access to credit a CashEnvoy account with same, you should be able to buy credits instantly.

There is an option to buy credits instantly using GTBank Internet Banking which might be helpful to GTBank customers.

Instant account upgrade to Sales Manager status

Even though this feature is not popularly known, it has worked for a few users.

Did you know that if you buy 10,000 SMS Credits online, your account would automatically be upgraded to Sales Manager status so you can start managing users?

This happens within minutes after placing your order.

Instant linking of users with Sales Manager accounts

Getting users to buy SMS Credits is easy. Whenever you find that someone is getting married, just offer to send SMS reminders on their behalf and set up their account. Other uses might be for a school, church or other organization.

To link users with your Sales Manager account, just create a voucher and use it to sell credits to the user. When the user logins and loads the voucher, he/she automatically becomes yours.

This feature is available as a self-service for linking only, however our Support Representatives have the capacity to intervene in linking or unlinking accounts where necessary. Help is constantly available to end users who need the services of Sales Managers for assistance.

Automatic SMS Delivery Status detection and reporting

Few months ago, a new DND (Do-Not-Disturb) issue affected many Bulk SMS businesses and till date, many have been seeking a way out. In as much as we are still inventing new wheels, we developed a work around.

By default, each time you send an SMS, a filter check is done against DND active numbers to help you exclude DND active numbers and properly escalate your concerns to the recipients and have them turn off the feature.

Supporting this is a feature that allows you to automatically retrieve Delivery Status reports on any SMS you sent within the last 90 days. It is important to note that Mobi2SMS is accountable for only 90 days of account activity at every point in time.

Automatic Subscription to Mobi2SMS Blog

You can signup to be notified when posts like this are published to our Blog. Every Mobi2SMS can login, go to Edit Profile from the menu and choose Subscribe to Mobi2SMS Blog. This option is also available using the Registration form.

People who signup via Facebook/Google can access this feature when updating their profile prior to using their account.

That’s about it!

Very soon, we shall give third-party applications leverage more on account access by introducing Remote Account Signup via our intuitive API – a glimpse into the near future.

Thank you for choosing Mobi2SMS. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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