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About a year ago, when we noticed a demand from a category of our users for an Email to SMS Service, we did something about it – we introduced the SMS Inbox Service.

This service notifies you by SMS when you receive emails. Here is how it works:

Activating the SMS Inbox Service

To use the service, you would first need to activate it by following these steps:

  • Sign up for an account with Mobi2SMS or login at
  • Click Edit User Profile link from the main menu and ensure you provide a correct Email Address and Phone Number.
  • Select the Turn on SMS Inbox option by making sure the box beside it is checked.
  • Click the Update Profile button to save your settings.

Using the SMS Inbox Service via Mail Forwarding

You can use the service for select subscriptions. For instance, you might want to get SMS notifications when a specific service provider sends you email alerts.

All you need is a mailbox that does not require you to confirm the forwarding email. Login to your webmail and activate forwarding to – please don’t use Yahoo Mail or Gmail for this.

For instance, if your email address is You need to configure forwarding for all your mails received at to

Using the SMS Inbox Service via Cc or Bcc (Preferred)

You can use the service for your team mates. For instance, if you want to follow an email conversation via SMS, you can include in the Cc or Bcc of your work email conversations. That way, everyone who is a Mobi2SMS user in the conversation gets notified about each reply. However, ensure that you send emails using the email address configured to your Mobi2SMS account.

It is important to note that using Bcc might be useful if you want to a notification about the mail you sent but you would not be notified on replies.

Revealing Sender Identity

These days, even machines send emails so we won’t bother to figure out who sent the email. We would let you know you have an email and give you a hint on the subject.

By default, the sender ID is SMS Inbox but if the sender of the email is a Mobi2SMS user, we would show you the first 11 characters of the name in the SMS notification.

How much does this cost and who pays?

SMS Notifications would be charged to your Mobi2SMS account. Having that you are notified for emails you receive, you would be the one to pay for it.

If our SMS Inbox Service Listener discovers that you got an email, you would be notified ONLY IF you have enough Credits to cover the cost of the SMS to be sent to you so that you can be charged. Otherwise, you would NOT be notified.

For details on how much you would be charged, please download our Coverage Documentation from

How about getting the whole email via SMS?

The last time we thought about this over lunch, we were full of laughs wondering, who would ask for this? However, we were suprised to see such requests coming in.

We can provide the service to our users to achieve this by developing custom applications for interpreting email the way they want and of course for sending emails back and forth. This would be done at a fee to be discussed when the need arises.

Fetching the SMS Inbox from your server

Of course, it’s a good idea to fetch the SMS Inbox from your server. What we developed here is a service for everyone. In other words, this service was released for personal use only – not commercial. Don’t go about selling email to SMS forwarding to your colleagues from!

We can provide you custom APIs where you can check any mailbox on your domain and get notified. For each mailbox, we would charge you NGN 3,000 per month OR NGN 30,000 per year (subject to review) and you would cover the cost of an SSL Certificate and IP (if monthly). If you need this, please contact

We hope this service is helpful to you. Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your week!


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