Mobi2SMS is 6 years old today!

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‚ÄčWe are celebrating our 6th anniversary today! Here is what happened, 6 years ago (15th October, 2010):

I visited a friend with whom I shared the idea of developing a Bulk SMS website that would aid industrial activities in future. I told my friend, I wanted to develop the web based application to adapt to mobile phones.

I considered calling it MobiList but my good friend said that the name would not indicate an SMS service so we suggested several conventions and settled for Mobi2SMS.

It was at that moment, I took the step to register the domain name –, develop the web application and host it since then with the help of the great team I got together that has taken us this far.

Thanks to our team, our esteemed customers and partners!

Happy Anniversary to Mobi2SMS!


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Emuobosa Onerhime
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I am an Enterprise Solutions Architect. Having developed portfolio by helping a few startups grow, if I am not developing a website or software project, I am busy carrying on active research and discussing tech facts on social media by blogging.

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