Reason for Payment Error: This is not a local card

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We have been running some user experience tests lately to ensure that your sail to effectively buy SMS Credits and use the system is smooth. Here’s what we found out about a recently occuring payment error: This is not a local card

After carrying out some tests on trying to buy SMS Credits like the end user, we figured out that where you provide wrong debit card details for local card payments, you are presented with the error: This is not a local card which further explains that you should contact your bank to profile your debit card for payments.

Here are a few incorrect fields that can cause this:

  • Card Number (PAN): Always enter correctly, the number boldy specified at the front of the card. Otherwise you would get the error.
  • Expiry Date: This should be specified in the format MM/YY. So if you card expires by January, 2017; specify 01/17. Entering this wrongly could raise the error.
  • CVV2 (or CVV): This is a 3/4 digit verification number. It is either a 3/4 digit number at the back of the card on a grey shaded panel or the last 3 digits of the Card Number (PAN). Your bank would guide you better on what your CVV2 (or CVV) code is. Wrong entry of this number could raise the error.
  • PIN (where applicable): You should click to type your PIN and follow the dots to be sure you count the clicks for the right number of digits. This might not raise the error but could lead to your card being blocked.

We hope this has helped someone having this challenge. However, please feel free to contact us for help via email to

You can also start live chat with us at any time we are available. Alternatively, you can leave us a message just in case we are offline.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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