Points to note when activating Email/SMS Alerts

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It’s not news that we constantly engage several Mobi2SMS users in testing the Bulk SMS Mobile Services with us. 

One of the tests conducted include Email/SMS Alerts. From results, here are a few points to note about this feature:

  • When you choose to receive Alerts by Email/SMS, you have to reset your password by clicking the Reset link.
  • When resetting your password, you must specify the medium for which you chose to receive alerts. If you chose Email, then reset your password by Email. Alternatively, you may choose and reset your password by SMS accordingly.
  • After resetting your password, you won’t be logged out. The system would give you an opportunity to customize your password immediately after.
  • If you customize your password, the setting won’t be turned on. You have to log out and login with the randomly generated password to activate the feature. To cancel, you may change the Alerts setting in your profile to None.

The reason why a randomly generated password is sent to you when you request a reset and required to the chosen medium when you want to activate alerts is because we want to be sure you can access such medium.

The Alerts setting turned on lets you receive the following notifications among others:

  • Weekly Account Activity Summary (Email Only).
  • Login by User or via Facebook, Google etc. or any other social media channel (Email Only).
  • SMS Delivery Report containing details of processed recipients.
  • SMS Credits Share to and from your account.

Notifications sent by SMS are charged to your account so if you don’t have sufficient SMS Credits after a transaction, you won’t get the SMS Alert for it.

Should you have any challenges accessing your Email Address or Phone Number, please let us know and we would be glad to assist you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your week!


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