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We are proud to let you know that you can now buy credits worth your desired amount at Mobi2SMS. Before now, buying credits at Mobi2SMS used to be based on a fixed calculation by the website. There was no way of buying the credits you desire. These were the terms:

  • If you just signed up, you buy 150 credits online at ₦315.
  • If you sign up through a Sales Manager, you buy 1,500 credits online at ₦2,625.
  • If you become a Sales Manager, you buy 15,000 credits online at ₦24,000.
  • If you are a Sales Manager and your user becomes a Sales Manager, you buy 1,500 credits at ₦2,400 (promotional price).

What’s New?

Today, we are allowing everyone to change the amounts the want to spend to buy credits, still buy within the aforementioned ratios. However, if you are offered a promotional amount, making changes would reset the offer.

How to customize the amount

If you want to customize the amount when next you want to buy credits, just click Change this beside the amount presented. If you want to pay the offered amount, go back to the home page and start the order again. Otherwise, enter the new amount you intend to pay.

Just in case you want to buy ₦999.99 worth of credits, you can change the amount and the system would give you an offer based on the non-promotional rates mentioned here and in the Coverage Manual.

Accountability is our fulfilled promise

Hey, just in case you’re wondering, how safe are my credits? Have no fear! If we can’t deliver the SMS, we won’t charge you for the delivery. You’re safe!

We have a DND scrub which prevents you from being charged for SMS deliveries if we couldn’t deliver it to the Network Provider due to DND issues. Remember to turn off your DND filters to effectively test this new feature.

What are you waiting for? Buy Credits right away!

Should you have questions or comments, please endeavor to let us know.

Meanwhile, thank you for choosing Mobi2SMS.


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