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One major reason why parents fail to do all round checks on their children is that they often forget. That’s why those who are stakeholders in Child Care Ministries should help.

Start a care programme today, reach us at to learn more.

Many schools collect fees for tuition, accomodation and extra-curricular activities but hardly find time to care by periodically sending SMS to parents and guardians on just what to expect from their children when they get home.

Are your children acting strange these days? If this happened recently, you need help. Go back to the school or church to find out just what trends might be affecting your children.

Yes! The church has a major role to play. That’s why house fellowships should take further steps to send periodic SMS that appeal to the specific sets of members and give them the place to respond.

Some children might just not be eating enough. Don’t you think?

Before pointing accusing fingers on the poor child who had an emergency, start sending periodic messages to parents who might just need help. There’s a lot you should say before displaying the No Smoking sign on the door.

Are you ready to start affecting children positively in your school or church?

Accept Daddy’s plea today. Click here to sign up for an account you can use to send or schedule educational content periodically to parents.

If you want to help parents or you need help, please call 0802 266 6328 or contact and we would connect you to a child care programme.

Remember, while you’re having a great weekend, keep the children safe – start helping parents today!


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