How many messages do you need to send?

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We ask this question to a number of end users whenever they start a conversation by asking, “How much is your SMS priced?”. To respond, we often have to go back to Algebra and that is very tiring. Now you can check SMS estimates when you buy SMS Credits online.

Our Pricing

We know that it often appears complicated to see a price on the home page and not know exactly how much you would pay per SMS. Please pardon us, we have very sincere reasons for showing you prices in units. We sell units due to the need to change unit rates per network (where applicable) per instance of new regulations OR different bargains from Network Providers.

Network Bargain

To help you deliver SMS messages in bulk to your recipient networks, we had to bargain with each Network Provider for just what price they would allow us deliver messages to their subscribers. For this cause, different Network Providers have different behaviors.

For instance, the cost of SMS delivery to MTN Nigeria is different from MTN Ghana

Just incase you’re asking about our price. It appears high to send SMS at NGN3.15 when the networks charge NGN4.00 from your phone. If you buy higher credits from the website, you can send SMS for as low as NGN2.175. However, this still appears high.

Your Bargain

If you buy millions of credits, we would definitely be able to get much cheaper bargains with Network Providers just for you. You might end up purchasing SMS at NGN1.60 or less. It could be unbelievably cheap and that would just depend on what value you’re exchanging with the Network Providers.

If you buy more than 150,000 Credits, we would ask you to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with us but that’s where we can start talking to you about better pricing as well.

SMS Estimate

When next you want to buy SMS Credits online following the steps here, take a look at the Estimate and check if your credits would make up for the number of messages you want to send.

Rather than ask how much each SMS is priced, get a chance to figure out how many SMS messages you can afford to send through our Bulk SMS Mobile Services. We hope this gives you a better understanding of our SMS pricing.

Meanwhile, thank you for choosing Mobi2SMS!


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