Mobi2SMS is 7 years old today!

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In the afternoon of 15th October, 2010 (7 years ago), I was discussing with Efe Aziegbehmin (Nee Abiri) on an idea I was developing and how I needed a name for it.

I called it MobiList because it could send SMS to a list of people. Upon hearing this, Efe disagreed and said, “MobiList has no indication of SMS, why don’t you give it a name with SMS e.g. Mobi2SMS?”.

At this point, I was online with my laptop and I registered the domain name, After doing this, I renamed the application thoroughly and uploaded files to the server.

Since 2010, the Bulk SMS business was developed, though to prove a point that Bulk SMS messaging could be targeted. That dream is achieved today.

Here are the different stages of growth with the application (by features):

  • Send SMS to a list of people.
  • Send SMS to a single person or a list of people.
  • Buy Credits with Vouchers.
  • Become a Reseller User and sell credits.
  • Buy Credits from a Reseller User
  • Become a Sales Manager and manage users.
  • Buy Credits from a Sales Manager
  • As a Sales Manager, sell credits in vouchers.
  • Buy Credits from a Sales Manager with Vouchers.
  • Become a Super Sales Manager.
  • Buy Credits online.
  • Become a Sales Manager when you buy much credits online
  • Use the API to send SMS
  • Use the API to figure out SMS cost
  • Use the API to manage Lists
  • Use the API to sell credits
  • Brand the Bulk SMS website and APIs.
  • Introduce Local and International DND and Publicity SMS routes and tools for large enterprises.
  • Detect DND numbers from delivery record and notify users.
  • Exclude DND for which user was previously charged but Network Provider did not deliver SMS.
  • Detect DND from Network Provider and skip delivery without charging users.

Today, Mobi2SMS is being managed by a team of 6 people including me, and in the company, we are 16 people automating business to make work easier.

Learn more about Cronalia (, the company that revamped Mobi2SMS.

You can reach us on Mondays to Fridays (9am to 5pm) by email, or call 08022666328 and 08149906693.

Happy 7th Anniversary to Mobi2SMS and Happy Sunday to you!


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Emuobosa Onerhime
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I am an Enterprise Solutions Architect. Having developed portfolio by helping a few startups grow, if I am not developing a website or software project, I am busy carrying on active research and discussing tech facts on social media by blogging.

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